Summary: In Short, just hire the De Rossa team. They were professional, helpful, passionate, and fun. They greatly surpassed and expectations I had and when we were working with them I never felt any stress at all! The team works incredibly hard and I don’t think its possible to find a better photography team anywhere on this planet! The Team: I fully and emphatically recommend that anyone looking for a top notch photography team should hire De Rosa Studio. The team at De Rossa showed the utmost professionalism, passion for their work, and friendliness. They were incredibly helpful to myself and to my now wife during the photo shoots as well as helping to organize everything. They made the entire process of shooting stress free, from posing, to getting to the location, to all of the setup. In fact, it wasn’t just stress free, the photo shoot they set up was incredibly fun and I had a great time getting to know everyone on their team. I was impressed with not just how quickly, but how incredibly hard they worked. If I ever have another life event I want to capture with a photography team, I would most definitely hire the De Rossa team again! Hope to see them in the US someday for a photo shoot and drinks after! Love you all and we’re so incredibly thankful for you! The Photos: The photos that the De Rossa team captured were not only beautiful, but they were elegant and poignant. I don’t think I could ever ask for more from the team. They captured our Wedding Ceremony, Engagement Ceremony, and Pre-Wedding Photos with absolute perfection and they put every other photography team out there to shame! My wife will soon be applying for her visa and the photos they took will be extremely helpful through the entire process. If you want to capture beautiful memories and be able to share them for years to come look no further than the De Rossa Team! The Videos: When going into the wedding, I wasn’t sure if the De Rossa guys would be able to edit and prepare our wedding video in time as we only had a very short turn around time. They not only delivered on time, but they also created two incredibly beautiful videos of our pre-wedding photos and our wedding ceremony that bring me to tears whenever I watch them. They really captured the small moments of love my wife and I shared with one another, and even were able to do all of this effortlessly and unobtrusively as we got married. They helped us create memories we’ll share with our children one day and for that we are eternally grateful!

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