We are always ready to swap everything to preserve our prestige,
product quality and satisfy customers’ feelings.
We take pride and ego in our work as a messenger of art and emotion, not an ordinary seller


De Rossa aims to become the most reliable studio in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well as be a perfect choice for foreign customers coming to Vietnam, and Vietnamese people around the world.
We increasingly develop more than 300% of our strength based on the philosophy of 3-legs-trivet, complete and expand the personnel apparatus, customer care processes, the quality of products for high-end customers


De Rossa Studio is a group of artists of dedication sharing the same strong inspiration in recording couples’ loves stories on their wedding day, by emotion and unique artistry picture language.



We meticulously prepare every detail, cherish each shot and refine the product as if it were our own wedding.

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signature work


“Change awareness and create trends”

De Rossa always wants to bring customers a constant breeze, elevate the customer service experience to 5 stars – the experience with all senses. Every customer who comes to De Rossa feels happy: from pre-preparation to the last step when holding the product in hand.